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Trekking - Hiking Tourism in Greece

Updated: Apr 8

"Hiking" is a term used to describe a long walk on trails in the countryside. It is an activity with numerous fans all over the world, considering also its definite health benefits.

Hiking Tourism  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Naidaso, Gramvousa hiking, CC BY-SA 4.0

The term is different in some other countries, e.g. in the UK they also use the term rambling, in Australia the term bushwalking and in New Zealand the term tramping. Trekking is a different term. It has to do with carrying load while hiking for at least a day. It is often also called backpacking and it sometimes involves also camping in the countryside.

Trekking in Greece

Image by: iStock.com | Sudowoodo

Organized Trekking/ Hiking Tourism Activities

Chios Trails (see more about Chios)

Monemvasia Hiking Trails (see more about Monemvasia)

Sifnos Trails and More

Astraka Trails (see more about Zagori)

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