The Volcanic Diamond

Panorama of Oia at Sunset, Santorini - Photo by: | KavalenkavaVolha

If someone wants to describe total beauty, we would advise just to point to Santorini. This dragon-born beauty of the Aegean Sea. The child of a power that came from the sea, just like Goddess Artemis. On its peaks, small houses, like jewels, suck the noted light of Greece and reflect it to the coasts around. And when the light goes to sleep, you must be at Oia to calm your senses, to eat at the symposium of this white-blue celebration and to let yourself on a trip to beautiful dreams. Around 3.500 years BC, the first people arrive in Santorini. They come in contact with many other civilizations and they build a high cultural product day by day. But from the day this started, until the day when the “monster woke up” (the volcano's eruption), only 35 years have passed. The Dragon, jealous of this glory, came from the center of the Earth and covered everything with its hot lava. But this offered immortality to the people and the ruins of this civilization, i.e. beautiful houses with wall paintings, laboratories for textiles, vases, smithing products, shipbuilding and other exportable goods.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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The younger generations of Santorini have shown respect to the Aegean beauty of the island. They made high aesthetic value settlements, such as the ones of Fira, Oia, Akrotiri, Pyrgos, Emporio, Therasia and more. The harmony of Santorini dazzled the great Nobel prize poet Odysseas Elytis to write his great poem “Song for Santorini”: “it sparkled in the preach of the wind, the new and eternal beauty, when the sun of three hours goes up in the sky, all white, playing the harmony of Creation”. Also, the Nobel prize poet, Giorgos Seferis, wrote in his poem “Santorini”: “Bend, if you can, to the dark sea, forgetting the sound of a flute, on naked feet that stepped on your sleep in your other sunken life. Write, if you can, on your last shell, the day, the name, the place, and throw it to the sea to sink …

The visitors of Santorini are served by the airport of Santorini (JTR).

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