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The Shiny

Greece Map

*The Map indicates the places proposed by ShinyGreece. To make good booking decisions, go to the places' maps to find out the top experiences in each place.


Geo Info

Greece is located in the northeast part of the Mediterranean basin, in the southeast of Europe and in the south of the Balkans, bordering with Cyprus, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Minor Asia, as well as with Egypt and Libya, and being at the crossroad of Europe, Africa and Asia. Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world (13.676 km), it is mainly mountainous (about 80%), and it has large plains located in Thessaly (central Greece), Central Macedonia (north Greece) and Thrace (northeast Greece). The main mountains of Greece are Olympus (2.918 m.), known as the mountain of the Greek Gods (mythology), Pindus (2.637 m.), actually ending at Crete island, and Rhodope (1.953 m. in Greece), whose main part lies in Bulgaria. The Greek islands, those peaks of ancient - now underwater - mountains, are between 1.200 and 6.000, of which only 227 are inhabited. The largest inhabited island is Crete, and other large ones are Euboea, Lesbos and Rhodes. They belong to the groups: Cyclades Islands, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese Islands, North Aegean Islands, Argo-Saronic Islands and Sporades Islands.

Some of the most important natural attractions of Greece, apart from its beautiful islands, beaches and mountains, are the Vikos Gorge (deepest in the world according to Guinness World Records), the Meteora, the Melissani Lake Cave, the Volcanic Rocks of Falakro Mountain, the Santorini Volcano, the Samaria Gorge, the Petrified Forest of Lesbos, the Giola Natural Pool, the Neda Waterfalls, the Prespa Lakes, the Skiadi, the Rock Forest, the Diros Cave, the Kerkini Lake.

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