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Mani Lakonia

The Land of Rocks and Stones


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Mani Lakonia  |  Shiny Greece

Oitylo. The western border of Mani Lakonia. The village of the large exit in 1676 A.C. of the Stephanopoulos family and other 500 Maniats, who ended up to Cargese of Corsica, where they reached the supreme axioms of the area. The second border is the beautiful village of Gythio and imaginable borderline is the street from the main village of Areopoli up to there. International border is also Tenaro, the famous cape, the most southerly point of Europe. Here are also the Gates of Adis, the area for souls before the underworld. This is how someone can describe this rough place that gave birth to different Greeks. Tough like the endless rocks and the tower-houses. Stiff outspoken like the dry landscape. Inventive, having kept all conquerors away. The great Maniat poet Nikiforos Vrettakos wrote: “If you are born a Maniat, your origin obliges you to be: brave, outspoken and honest.”. A civilization that can still discuss with the modern society, its values, its traditions. In this infertile land with the blue of the sea, the lonely towers discuss with the water and build stories with pirates and aspirated conquerors, who never made to nail the Maniat villages and their spirit.

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Lakoniki Mani constitutes the central and south part of Mani Peninsula, located in Peloponnese, also known as Mesa (inside) Mani and Kato (lower) Mani. The north part of Mani Peninsula is Messiniaki Mani or Exo (outer) Mani, also in Peloponnese. In the ancient times, Mani belonged only to Lakonia which was under the rule of Sparta, thus Spartans are ascents of today’s maniots. Lakoniki Mani is a sunny place, ideal for tourism, while Messiniaki Mani is a shady place with much rainfall, ideal for agriculture. Lakonian Maniots' names end in “akos” while Messinian Maniots' names end in “eas”. The peninsula of Lakoniki Mani is the ending of the Taygetos mountain range, which sets apart the Lakonian Gulf and the Messinian Gulf.

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Lakoniki Mani is a trending tourist destination, mostly for summer. It attracts visitors for its castles, its mountainous and inaccessible terrain, its Byzantine churches, its sandy beaches (such as Kalogria) and its tower houses. The Vlychada Cave at Pirgos Dirou is also a very famous attraction of the area. Gythio (capital), Areopoli (capital too), Kardamyli and Stoupa are full of tourists during the summer, but they are generally quiet during the winter. The area is also a famous culinary region. It is worth to taste and buy syglino, herbs (thyme, oregano, mint), the local excellent extra-virgin olive oil (Koroneiki olives variety) and the local top-quality honey. The visitors of Mani Lakonia are served by the airport of Kalamata (KLX), the international airport of Athens (ATH) and the national road network.

Our Hotel Proposals

Antares Hotel

Antares is a hotel of unique architecture, located in a small preserved traditional settlement of the southern area of Areopoli, comprising a neighborhood of 4 stone-built houses and 3 independent dwellings. It consists of 12 bioclimatic rooms of unique elements, materials and textures of Mani. It is a premium choice for travelers seeking private and creative erotic space and time in a quiet environment.

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Castello Antico

Castello Antico is a hotel built in the traditional architectural style of Mani, situated just few kilometres away from the beautiful sea side town of Gythion. Blending with the magnificent Mani scenery and giving a feeling of warmth and relaxation to guests, the hotel offers modern facilities, personalized service and care for customers.

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Pirgos Mavromichali

Pirgos Mavromichali, situated in the historic harbor of Limeni Mani, is a miraculous hotel where the power of myth and history blend to form a magical corner of Greece, which is like no other place on earth. Service, tradition, honor and beauty are at the core of the tower family’s history, and are the cornerstones upon which Pirgos Mavromichali was resurrected.

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