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Cape Tenaro | A Southern Edge of Mainland Europe and the Gateway to Hades

Updated: Mar 6


George Papadellis | SG Head

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Nestled at the southernmost edge of mainland Greece and the Balkan Peninsula lies Cape Tenaro, also known as Cape Matapan or Cape Tainaron. Steeped in history, mythology, and natural beauty, this captivating destination, location of the ancient city of Taenarum, has captured the imaginations of visitors for thousands of years. From ancient Greek legends to significant naval battles, Cape Tenaro stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of human civilization. Join us on a journey as we uncover the secrets and allure of this remarkable cape.

Cape Tenaro  |  Shiny Greece

The Lighthouse of Cape Tainaro - Photo by: ID 108057518 © Elenimac28 |

The Mythical Past

In Greek mythology, Cape Tenaro was believed to be the gateway to the Underworld. Legend has it that the heroic Tenaros, son of Zeus, founded a town at the isthmus of the Mani Peninsula, giving the cape its name. This mystical place was also known as "Poseidion" in ancient times and was associated with the sea god Poseidon. The ancient Spartans revered Cape Tenaro, constructing several temples dedicated to various gods. Perched above a cave that was believed to be the home of Hades, the god of the dead, the remnants of an ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon can still be found today. Under the Byzantine Empire, the temple was transformed into a Christian church, where Christian rites continue to be conducted.

Cape Tenaro  |  Shiny Greece

Cape Tenaro | Photo by: G Da, Tenaro cape, Greece - panoramio, CC BY-SA 3.0

Historical Battles

Cape Tenaro has also witnessed significant naval battles throughout history. In 1717, the Battle of Matapan took place between the Venetian navy and the Ottoman fleet, resulting in an indecisive outcome. The cape's strategic location played a role in World War I when the SS Californian, intended to be the rescue ship for the ill-fated Titanic, was torpedoed and sunk by German forces. In March 1941, the Battle of Cape Matapan unfolded off the coast, with the Royal Navy triumphing over the Italian Regia Marina, effectively limiting Italian naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cape Matapan Lakonia  |  Shiny Greece

Cape Matapan Lakonia | Photo by: GeorgiosKladis, Tenaro Lakonia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Cape Tenaro Treasures

As you embark on a journey to Cape Tenaro, you'll encounter its unique natural and archaeological wonders. Stretching like a narrow strip of land, the cape is flanked by the Porto Marinari bay to the west and Porto Kayio bay to the east. Near the church of Agioi Asomatoi, you'll discover the Sanctuary of Poseidon Tenarios, dedicated to the ancient god of the Underworld. For those seeking a mystical experience, the Psychomanteion, an oracle of the dead, is a must-visit spot. Here, the Psychopompos, the guider of souls, is said to have collected souls and led them to the gate of Hades, a sea cave whose exact location remains a mystery. A short journey west of the church will lead you to the Cape Tenaro lighthouse. Built in 1822 and standing at 16 meters tall, this stone structure offers panoramic views from its perch 20 meters above sea level. As you explore further, traces of ancient Greek and Roman settlements come into view, including the awe-inspiring "Aria's Star", a remarkable ancient decorative mosaic from the 1st century A.D. Venturing to the northern side of the lighthouse, you'll encounter the captivating Mani region, adjacent to the Messinia prefecture.

Cape Tenaro  |  Shiny Greece

Poseidon Temple at Akrotiri Tenaro Mani - Photo by: | fabdrone

Nature and Culture

Cape Tenaro offers more than just historical intrigue; it boasts sandy beaches ideal for swimming. The three picturesque sandy beaches of Marmari and the inviting Porto Kayio beach invite visitors to relax and soak up the sun. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the charming settlement of Achilleio, with its tower houses overlooking Porto Kayio, the majestic Grigorakakis Tower at Charakes, and the traditional villages of Paliro and Vatheia. Cape Tainaro is also considered to be the last European mainland point on the migration line of birds to Africa.

The Southern Point of Europe  |  Shiny Greece

The Southern Point of Europe | Photo by: Nicolas Hadjidimitriou, To notiotero akro tis Evropis!, CC BY-SA 4.0

A Tranquil Retreat

Cape Tenaro, with its captivating blend of history, mythology, and natural beauty, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the human spirit. As the southern gateway of Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, this extraordinary destination invites visitors to explore its mythical past, unravel archaeological wonders, and immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're drawn to ancient legends, historical battles, or simply seeking a tranquil retreat by the sea, Cape Tenaro is sure to leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind.

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Apr 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wild beauty! After about 40 minutes on foot, what you see when you arrive is unique!!


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