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Cape Tainaro | Mani Lakonia | A Southern Edge of Mainland Europe

Updated: May 2

Cape Tainaro (also known as Matapan) is the southest point of the Greek mainland and the second southest of Europe, situated at the end of Mani Peninsula. It was the location of the ancient city of Taenarum and the temple of Poseidon, the ruins of which are still on the hill above the cave of Hades, home of the god of dead people.

Cape Tainaro  |  Shiny Greece

The Lighthouse of Cape Tainaro - Photo by: ID 108057518 © Elenimac28 | Dreamstime.com

Cape Tainaro has hosted three major naval battles.

July 1717: The navy of the Republic of Venice, together with ships of Portugal and Malta, fought the Ottoman navy under captain Ibrahim Pasha.

November 1915: The SS Californian American battle ship was sunk by the German Navy.

March 1941: The Royal Navy won the Italian Navy, reducing the Italian naval acitivity in the East Mediterranean.

Tainaron  |  Shiny Greece

Poseidon Temple at Akrotiri Tenaro Mani - Photo by: iStock.com | fabdrone

Cape Tainaro is the last European mainland point on the migration line of birds to Africa.

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