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Olympos Mountain | Lesbos

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Olympos is a 967 m. mountain in south Lesbos island, extending from the plains of Polichnitos and Gera to Plomari village. It is located above the traditional settlement of Agiasos and it is considered a botanical paradise, including more than 1400 species of flora. This large number of species is due to the short distance of the area from Asia Minor. Many of these kinds are rare and show high ecological interest.

Mount Olympus Lesvos

Photo by: anonymous, Olympos lesbos, CC BY-SA 3.0

The mountain owes also its natural wealth to the variety of the island’s habitats, the peculiarity of the rocks, the weather of Lesbos, the morphology of the landscape, and the geological disconnection of the island from Eastern Aegean. The area is included in the Corine-Land cover list of biotopes and in the list of important bird areas.

The mountain range has been included in the official list of CORINE-Land Cover habitats. It is part of the region “Gulf of Gera – Marsh Dippi and Mount Olympus”, included in the national catalogue of the European Network of Protected Areas “NATURA 2000” with the code number GR4110005. It has been characterized as an “Important Bird Area".

Olympus mt. area is covered by chestnut cultivated forest, by trachea pine forests and by black pine forests. The black pine is a priority habitat, endemic to Lesvos and rare all over Europe. There are also twelve species of orchids, rare in Europe, that are protected by the CITES treaty and are almost non-existent in Greece, such as Compera Comperiana and the only one in Greece Himantoglossum Comperianum, Grisebachii, Sideritis Sipylea Tea, Pea Paeonia Mascula, Centaurs Cemtaurea Urvillei and Viola Viola Heldreichiana.This name was first given by Lesvos Theophrastus, one of the first Greek botanists of the Aristotelian community. Important is the small Persian squirrel that is known in Lesvos as "galia", which lives only in Greece.

The "Turkotsobanakos" bird lives and breeds throughout Europe only in Lesvos. Also rare are the reptile vipera xanthine and the agama stellio dragon found in the Red Book of Threats (RED BOOK).

Mount Olympus has beautiful routes with the main starting point of Kastianionas at Agiasos village, enjoyed by hundreds of visitors each year.

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