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Moutzouris Traditional Steam Train | Pelion | Narrowest Railway Line in Greece

Updated: Apr 24

The Pelion railway (with its traditional steam Moutzouris Train "Smudgy") is a 600 mm narrow gauge railway line (the narrowest in Greece and one of the narrowest in the world) connecting the city of Volos with the town of Milies in Pelion mountain.

Moutzouris Train  |  Shiny Greece

Moutzouris Train at Start Station - Photo by: ID 47030059 © Mec17 | Dreamstime.com

The section from Ano Lechonia to Milies has interesting features, including seven stone bridges, an iron bridge, two tunnels and five stone road bridges.

Moutzouris Train  |  Shiny Greece

Smudgy at one of the most beautiful points of its itinerary - Photo by: ©2008 K. Krallis, SV1XV, 20081101-Pelion-Railway, CC BY-SA 3.0

Until 1950 (for 80 years) the line (with Smudgy with the Belgian engines "Miliai", "Iasson", "Pelion", "Volos" and "Tsagarada", and its wagons, with smaller machines) served the needs of the city as a tram for the urban transport of Volos. In 1950, the line was taken over by the Hellenic State Railways until 1971.

Smudgy  |  Shiny Greece

Smudgy over a rocky traditional bridge - Photo by: iStock.com | dinosmichail

In 1971, the line was transferred to the Hellenic Railways Organization, which suspended the service as a cost-saving measure. Right after this change, efforts were made to reopen the line for touristic purposes. This was managed after the major reconstruction of part of the infrastructure, the removal of the soil from landslides and the works against corrosion.

Smudgy  |  Shiny Greece

Moutzouris Train at station - Photo by: anonymous, Pilionbahn in milies, CC BY-SA 3.0

Currently, the National Railway Operator runs one train every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from mid-April to the end of October.

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