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Frangokastello | Chania Crete | Drosoulites Phenomenon

Updated: Apr 21


George Papadellis | SG Head

Frangokastello is a unique castle 12 km east from Sfakia village at the south coast of Chania Crete. The castle is just some meters before Frangokastello Beach, a long sheltered sandy beach which serves a low local tourism activity (but considered one of the great beaches of Crete among other 5 islands of the Mediterranean), and a walking distance from Frangokastello village.

Frangokastello Beach in Southern Crete

Frangokastello Beach Crete - Photo by: ID 91379184 © Mnf1974 | Dreamstime.com

With a rectangular shape with four towers, the Castle Frangokastello Greece was built in the end of the 14th century by the Venetians as a means to fight and conquer the rebels of Sfakia and to protect themselves from pirates. Within the structure, there are buildings which were formed during the 400-years Turkish occupation.

There are tourism facilities around Frangokastello beach in southern Crete, and the distance of the area from main urban centers helps it keep at minor development levels.

Frangokastello Restaurants

For a quick tasty lunch or dinner by the sea you can visit Fata Morgana Frangokastello, Kali Kardia Frangokastello Taverna and Flisvos Restaurant.

Frangokastello Crete Accommodation

The area does not have high quality facilities, but rooms and apartments are generally clean and the owners very kind. We propose Milos studios (with the 100 years old renovated windmill - apartment), Flisvos apartments (also restaurant), Coral Hotel Frangokastello (also restaurant) and Monachus Monachus hotel. For higher quality accommodation, you can book Villa Papadosifos.

Frangokastello Tripadvisor

You can visit the page of Frangokastello Crete Greece in Tripadvisor to find out more comments and rating for restaurants and accommodation.

Frangokastello Castle Crete

Frangokastello Castle - Photo by: ID 169392651 © Tassos1966 | Dreamstime.com

Stories of the locals reveal that the rebellious Sfakians did not allow the Venetians to built the Frangokastello Castle Crete. Specifically, a wild group of locals destroyed for a long time, at night, what the Venetians were building during the day. Finally, the Venetians brought a big army that arrested this group and hanged all Sfakians.

Frangokastello Beach Crete

View of Frangokastello and the Beach - Photo by: ID 75525020 © Paul Cowan | Dreamstime.com

During the fights of the Greeks against the Ottoman rule, the Battle of Frangokastello took place. Sfakians with Epirotes (people from Epirus region, north Greece) occupied the Frangokastello Castle. Later they were killed from the Turks, and finally the Turks were killed by other Sfakians. According to local tradition, each year, during the anniversary of this battle, shadows of the Sfakians and the Epirotes appear at dawn (the Frangokastello Mirage). They are called Drosoulites, actually a meteorological phenomenon.

Frangokastello Map

The map of Frangokastello Greece as it is extracted from Google Maps:

Frangokastello Map

Source: Google Maps

Frangokastello Weather

Frangokastello weather is generally very good and similar to the weather of Chania. During April, May and October it is most likely for a visitor to experience pleasant average temperatures falling between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). The warmest months of Frangokastello Crete are June, July (the warmest and driest month of the year) and August. Dry periods can be experienced in May, June, August and September. The coldest and most wet month of the year is January.

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