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Kalypso Gorge | Delta Pineios Kissavos | The Three Waterfalls

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Kalypso gorge is one of the most beautiful in Greece, located on the east slopes of Mountain Kissavos, over Kokkino Nero village, looking the Aegean Sea.

Photo by: | ahalatsis

The gorge has clear lakes and it includes a first part with 6 rappels (with the largest up to 60 meters), three waterfalls (with up to 70 meters height) and thermal waters at the end. The lush landscape, the running waters, the contact with nature, the persistent and permanent chirping of the nightingales, compensate the visitor.

There are two ways to approach the gorge.

The first way is by hiking. From Kokkino Nero, to the left of the road that leads to the Byzantine monastery, following the signs, the uphill path leads to the gorge in about an hour and thirty minutes.

The second way is by car. From the road that leads from Kokkino Nero to Karitsa, just before Karitsa on the left on the rural road.

How to get there | Go to Delta Pineios Kissavos Page

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