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Great Prespa Lake | Highest Tectonic Lake in the Balkans

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Great Prespa Lake (or Megali Prespa Lake), a perfect place for vacations, is divided between Greece, Albania and North Macedonia (the largest part belongs to the latter).

Prespa Lake Greece with Agios Achillios Island - Photo by: ID 40894837 © Elenajs |

Megali Prespa stands at an elevation of 853 m (2,798 ft) and covers an area of 106 square miles (274 square km), fed by underground streams. It is the highest tectonic lake in the Balkans.

Megali Prespa - Photo by: | Konstantinos_K

Until 1945 there was no development project for Great Prespa Lake. After several projects, it became a tourist and fishing center in the 1970s. The area hosts around 274 bird species, 23 fish species, 22 reptile species, 11 amphibia species and 60 mammal species (Prespa National Park Greece).

Great White Egret at Great Prespa Lake - Photo by: ID 54333186 © Dariya Maksimova |

Prespa Greece is linked by subterranean channels with Lake Ohrid and neighbors with Small Prespa Lake on the Greece-Albania border.

How to get there | Go to Prespa Lakes Page

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