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Prespa Lakes

The Trinational Basin


George Papadellis | SG Head

Eleni Plataniti | SG Team

Panagiotis Papadellis | SG Team

Prespa Lake  |  Shiny Greece

The Great Prespa Lake  |  Photo by:, nplion  |  23.11.2017

When you decide to visit Prespa Lakes choose a Sunday. If you are lucky you will become part of a biblical landscape of whirling clouds above the Small (Mikri) Prespa and the Great (Megali) Prespa, the two lakes of freedom of the birds and the fish, at the borderlines of Greece, Former Yugoslavia, and Albania. Your curiosity will guide you to the slopes of Varnountas on a transcendent trip above the unique twin church of Agios Germanos, at the homonymous village of the special houses with the wooden balconies. Every inch of land of the area is a memory, a martyr of a tortured life, like the one, lived from everyday people due to the choices of local nationalist citizens and politicians. This wandering is supported by the rock-writings left from the monks in the area’s ascetics, also the sculptures in honor and offer of all distinguished Greek people.

Prespa Lakes Map
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Touring through the largest protected area of Greece, this unique ecosystem of 260 species of birds and 20 species of fish, with its thousands of colors, the visitor still feels that soon the clatters of Macedonian fighters, the Turk gendarmes and the depredators of the past will be heard. This old war landscape has given its way to the harmony of the nature and the confidence of freedom. It has given its way to the rights of the fauna and the flora. It has given its way to the annual August feast “Prespa” on the islet Agios Achillios, to the feast of Prespa beans, the feast of tsironi (awesome small fish of the lake) and the feast of narcissus. The international visitors of Prespa Lakes are served from the airport of Ioannina (IOA) and the international airport of Thessaloniki (SKG).

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Agios Germanos Guesth.

Agios Germanos Guesthouse is situated in the Agios Germanos village, very close to Great Prespa Lake and Small Prespa Lake. The guesthouse consists of traditional adjoining renovated stone houses, adapted to local materials and the environment, remarkable examples of local architecture. Most rooms have a fireplace and the traditional breakfast is exceptional.

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Mimallones Hotel

Mimallones Hotel is situated in the village Lemos, very close to Agios Germanos village and the Great Prespa Lake, with a stunning view to the lakes and to Varnountas mountain. The hotel offers ultra-comfortable rooms with modern amenities, luxurious extra-large suites with fireplaces and jacuzzi showers/baths and a restaurant serving local specialties for lunch and dinner.

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