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Sikia Cave | Milos

Updated: May 2

Sikia Cave is one of the biggest and most beautiful caves of Milos. One of the main characteristics of the cave is that a boat can pass through its entrance, because the cave has a height of 5 m. and a width of 20 m.

Sikia Cave | Top Experiences in Milos Island Greece

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Sikia Cave Facts

Sikia Cave used to be closed, but its top collapsed at some past period. The result is a beautiful round cave with an open round top viewing the blue sky. Inside the cave, there is a cute small corner with stones like a small beach. Visitors can only reach the cave by boat. Actually, boats going to Kleftiko usually stop in front of the cave and, with the use of smaller plastic boats, send the visitors into the cave. Swimming is possible inside the cave but the water is very cold due to the restricted light and very deep.

Sykia Cave Milos  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Vihou World, Sikiacavemilo, CC BY-SA 4.0

How to get to Sikia Cave

It is located southwest, just 22 Km from Adamantas village. You can approach it with boats that tour around the island.

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Best Period to Visit

September to October.

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