The Sacred Island of the Materials of Nature

Million years ago, a large tectonic incident shocked the Aegean Sea. The eternal African and European plates collided once more. It was then that the sea rose, sinking many lands of the Aegean Sea, while a volcano brought up its lava, rose above sea level and reached 750 meters. This is the altitude of Profitis Elias mountain in beautiful Milos. All the material that came out from the bowels of the earth was a treasure. A wealth that contributed in the Cycladic spring and in the Mycenae Civilization. The main gift from the ancient years is obsidian, a dark tough material like glass, appropriate to construct tools, weapons, and home utensils. It also brought up pumice, bentonite, kaolin, manganese, sulfur, and pearlite, very useful material. Several scattered rocky structures stand and remind you of all kind of models that nature set up and turned into unique sculptures. They are those that compete with the famous Milos Aphrodite, that stands away from its roots in the Louvre Museum, in beauty and art. Of this global idol and sign of ultimate beauty.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Today, many people speak about gold beds, but local society is negative, as it also did in the past for geothermal energy. The reason was the distrust of inhabitants for the good practices for the protection of their health and also the rising tourism that helped the island’s economy. It is a wish to find the best solution that will keep Milos people on the island forever. Without them there is no paradise. And it is really a pity because wherever your eyes might fall on this gorgeous island, you will see a feast of scattered strange colors. Full white, grey, green, yellow, total red and several combinations that shine in the unique Cycladic light sending different highlights during dawn and different during dusk. All these in this environment that time and progress did not change. Those churches and chapels, each built with different architectural style, offered for prayer. This religious attachment seems to be timeless. It is the same that shaped the Milos Christians during the difficult Roman years. When they were hiding in catacombs that they constructed for their great cause, which today travel us to martyr years. If you manage to leave this heavenly place, it is sure that you will soon regret it.


Milos international visitors are served from the airport of Milos (MLO).

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