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Milos Mining History

Updated: Mar 31

Milos mining history began around 7.000 BC (during the Neolithic Age) with the construction of tools and weapons from obsidian.

Milos Mining History | Top Experiences Greece

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In 1800 BC (during the Bronze Age) Milos developed trade of obsidian and pottery, and the making of ceramics and medicine started from kaolin. These activities continued in the Geometric Age and the Archaic Period. In the Classical Period (around 500 BC) Milos started mining trachite (for the construction of millstones), alunite and sulfur for medicine, and bentonite for soap. Later, Milos started mining silver and pozzolan. In the Byzantine period all activities continued with no change. In the Frankish period, the mining of gypsum began, while in the Ottoman Rule period, almost all activities stopped. Finally, in the 19th and 20th century, there came the wide exploitation of sulfur, silver, manganese, kaolin, bentonite, perlite, baryte, pozzolan in several locations of the island.

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