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Tragonisi Islet | Mykonos

Updated: Apr 4

Tragonisi (or Dragonisi) is an uninhabited islet, about 3 miles away from the Kalafatis bay (east of Mykonos), well known for its caves. Visiting the islet is a unique experience when traveling to Mykonos. The islet is protected under the Natura 2000 network.

Tragonisi Island | Mykonos | Shiny Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | Lemonan

It is easy to approach by boat, and has a cove where boats can moor without strong winds. The cave of the photo is the most famous. Tourists visit it with small boats when the sea is calm.

Diving and snorkeling in Tragonisi island cave system is one of the most popular dives, easy to book.

Experiences of this diving and snorkeling are: yellow sea anemones and monachus monachus monk seals (not seen in all periods). Divers must be very careful not to annoy the monk seals, as this is their home.

The island hosts also a small church named "Madonna" (Panagia in Greek) that celebrates also the saints Varnavas and Vartholomeos.

If you are in Tragonisi Mykonos on the 11th of June, you can also attend the traditional feast organized by the locals.

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