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Melissani Cave | Kefalonia | Unveiling the Mesmerizing Cave of the Nymphs

Updated: May 10


George Papadellis | SG Head

Melissani Cave (also known as Melissani Cave Lake) is a gorgeous cave with two halls separated by a small island in Kefalonia. Watching the footsteps of experienced travelers will reveal to you the magic of this cave and be careful to follow the right advice from experts organizing Melissani Cave Tours regarding the most appropriate times of the day for this visit.

Melissani Cave Greece

Tour by boat tourists in Kefalonia Melissani Cave | Photo by: ID 140386675 © Alika Obrazovskaya |

Melissani Cave Myth

The Cave of the Nymphs, as local people call it, was believed to be named after a girl, Melissanthi, who, while trying to find her sheep, fell into the lake of the cave and died. Other locals believe that a nymph called Melissani fell into the lake and died because god Pan rejected her love. They also believe that the stalagmites of the cave are the dolphins (which became stalagmites when Melissani died) with the help of which Melissani was sending her messages to Pan.

Melissani Cave Kefalonia

Melissani Cave Kefalonia Greece from a drone | Photo by: | JordeAngjelovik

Melissani Cave Facts

Melissani Cave Greece, discovered in 1951 by Giannis Petrochilos, is 500 m. away from the sea, it is surrounded by trees and forest and it is well known as one of the world's cleanest lakes. It is close to the mountains of Evmorfia and Agia Dynati. It has the shape of the letter B, i.e. it has two water halls with a small island between them. The first hall has a big oval opening, from which sunlight enters the cave. When the sun is exactly over the cave, the hall is lightened with a beautiful blue light. The second hall is dark, covered with stalagmites and algae. The bottom of the lake is stone-covered and the water, at a level of one meter higher than sea level, is a mixture of salty and sweet water. In the excavations of 1962, the archaeologists discovered plates and small statues depicturing the god Pan and some of the Nymphs. For one of the best videos you can watch, visit SvetPutovanja.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The Odyssey of Melissani Cave Assassin's Creed is a famous action role-playing video game, set in the years 431-422 BCE, telling a mythological history of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. During the game, the player must find and acquire a spear (Melissani Cave Treasure) in the Footsteps of Gods, inside Melissani Cave Kefalonia.

Melissani Cave Kefalonia Map

Melissani Cave Greece Map

Melissani Cave Greece Map - Source: GoogleMaps

Open to Public

During summer, from beginning of May until end October, the Cave of Melissani opening hours are from 9 am until 7 pm. During winter, while many visitors still visit the cave, the cave opens only on Thursday and weekends, from 10 am until 4 pm.

Is Swimming Allowed?

Melissani cave swimming is unfortunately not allowed.

Entering Melissani Cave Kefalonia  |  Shiny Greece

Entering Melissani Cave Kefalonia | Photo by: Matt Sims, Melissani Cave, Kefalonia 1, CC BY 2.0

Melissani Cave Price

Melissani Cave Greece Tour is approximately 7 Euro per person including boat trip. For children the price is almost half. You can organize this visit with Viator.

How to Get There?

Melissani Cave Lake is at the north east coast of Kefalonia, with satisfactory road access. If you wonder how to get to Melissani Cave, it is just some minutes away from Karavomylos village, close to Sami.


Longitude: 20.6 (20°37′25″) E

Latitude: 38.26 (38°15′25″) N​

Best Period for a Cave Tour

September - October

Stay close to Melissani

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Apr 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It's something you don't come across often. You should mind to visit it between 12:00 and 13:00 to have the sun above!


Apr 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It was nice, worth a visit. The people who took us for a ride were very nice. In the morning there is chaos. We went at 4:30 and entered directly. Zero wait. Pay attention to the time you go. The journey takes about 10 minutes and costs €8.


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