The Jet-Setters' Paradise Island

Windmills Chora Mykonos - Photo Attribution: | jesselindemann | 27.11.2017

Mykonos is the only island of the Cyclades complex that put back slow vacations and won the global elite. Mykonos is, for sure, a special tourist destination, and a jewel of insular architecture and natural Aegean beauty. It belongs to the islands’ chain of the Mediterranean, together with Majorca and Ibiza of Spain, where celebrities and economically robust of all continents resort. However, all this summer pandemonium and its opportunities for show-off slows down during Autumn months, and a new Mykonos arises. Wounded from ultra-residential pressure, but human and attractive for a big part of alternative style people.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Autumn and spring are perfect seasons for someone to visit also the close island Delos, the birthplace of God Apollo, this ancient religious and commercial center with the magnificent sculptures. The short distance of 2 miles from Mykonos is an opportunity for the visitor to be highly compensated also spiritually and culturally from the visit to the “Island of Winds”.

The international visitors of Mykonos are served from the the airport of Mykonos (JMK).

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