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Manto Mavrogenous | Greek War Heroine

Updated: Jun 15

Manto Mavrogenous, born in 1796 in Mykonos and died in 1848, is a Greek famous heroine of the Greek War of Independence.

Manto Mavrogenous

Photo title: Manto Mavrogenous Greek heroine of the Greek War of Independence picture taken from public site. Lithography of Manto Mavrogenous by Adam Friedel, 1827  | Photo by: in the public domain (according to Wikimedia Commons)

She spent all her big fortune for the Hellenic cause. Under her encouragement, her European friends contributed funds and guns to the revolution.

Born in Trieste, she was the daughter of Nikolaos Mavrogenis, member of the Filiki Eteria, the secret organization founded seven years before 1821 (year of independence), to fight the Ottoman rule of Greece, after 400 years of domination.

Manto was a very beautiful woman, for the standards of the specific era, with aristocratic origins, influenced (like her family) from the Age of Enlightenment. She had studied Greek philosophy and she was speaking three foreign languages. When the revolution began, she went to Mykonos and coordinated the local team. She paid the equipment of ships, she led the repulsing of Ottomans from Mykonos, she equipped men to leave and fight in other areas of Greece, she paid for the relief of soldiers, she led enlightenment expeditions in Europe.

She died in Paros in 1848, alone and impoverished, having spent all her fortune for the War of Independence. Later, the Greek State honored her in several ways, and she always state in the heart of Greeks as a great and genuine heroine.

Another great heroine of her era is Laskarina Bouboulina.

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