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Why You’ll Love Staying in a Mykonos Villa: Top Reasons

Updated: Apr 15

The capital of extravagant and luxury summer vacations, Mykonos is the ideal Greek island to have fun, socialize with VIPs and jetsetters and live a dreamy experience, full of opulence and grandiosity.

Mykonos Villa

There are hundreds Mykonos vacation tips about how to take the fullest out of this magnificent island, but the most important is one: If you want to fully understand the very essence of the Queen of the Cyclades, it is crucial to find the best places to stay in Mykonos.

There are numerous luxury accommodations in Mykonos, such as hotels, boutique guesthouses and villas to rent. If you are looking for total privacy and security in a paradise away from mass tourism, then there are typical Greek island luxury villas that can meet these high standards and even more.

Read further why you should stay in one of the private villas in Mykonos that can turn your holidays into an unforgettable experience with your beloved ones.

Lavishness at the highest level in Mykonos

Exclusive Mykonos Properties

Exclusive Mykonos properties, such as large villas with private pool, are the epitome of luxury in a breathtaking setting. Vast infinity pools that look like meeting the blue of the sky and the sea, comfortable lounge areas with every amenity you may desire and top-tier decoration in minimal and boho style create a heaven on earth.

In this ultimate retreat, you can relax away from the crowds and spend even your whole day there, if you want discrete moments with your family.

Personalized services that satisfy even the most demanding guests

Mykonos Villa Rentals

Most Mykonos villa rentals offer all-inclusive services for a one-stop-shop experience during your stay at the villa. You don’t have to worry about anything, and you can enjoy every moment with your favorite persons without even having to leave the villa.

Such services include, for example, in-house chef and nanny, security guard, live-in housekeeper and bartender.

Plus, Mykonos villa booking is accompanied by private boat tours to explore hidden coves and inaccessible bays, forgetting about everything under the Greek warm sun, discovering blessed places that no one else could see.

Of course, the beaches and Chora of Mykonos are the epicenter of vividness and fun on the island, and it is definitely worth visiting them. However, if you want fully private vacations, you can take advantage of everything these villas can offer you.

There are even beachfront villas in Mykonos with path to private beach, so that you can swim in the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea all alone!

Are you wondering how to live this dream? Luxury Mykonos holiday homes are managed by Kinglike Concierge, the top and most dedicated villa rental company in Greece, with long experience in luxury travel and accommodation for VIP guests. With amazing facilities and the most luxury amenities on the island, Mykonos villas from Kinglike Concierge are the secret behind the attraction of all these rich and famous on the Cycladic island! Book your stay now and live the Kinglike way!


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Apr 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful villas for all wallets!!


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