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Shiny Greece targets an audience of all ages who love Greece and seek to discover unique destinations that gather standards of "unique places to visit". For these top destinations, Shiny Greece presents the elements that make the destinations unique (the monuments of nature and civilization, the products of the land, of the crafts and of the spirit and the people) and proposes high quality hotels, restaurants, cafe', clubs and other tourism companies, and best experiences per destination, to lead tourists to the unique total experience of a Shiny Traveller.

We are not only an inspiring medium, but we try to help travelers decide where to go and what to do on their next trip to Greece. With growing engagement rates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we help users to decide on destinations, experiences and companies to use. We focus on discoverers with a gender split of about 45% male and 55% female.


Our traffic originates in Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, France and more. Our users are mainly green living enthusiasts with an interest on lifestyle and hobbies and travel buffs, while our clients come mainly from the travel sector.

Kastellorizo  |  Shiny Greece

Kastellorizo Island  |  Photo 63179254 © Sonyakamoz |

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