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Shiny Greece targets an audience of all ages who love Greece and seek to discover unique destinations that gather standards of "unique places to visit". For these top destinations, Shiny Greece presents the elements that make the destinations unique (the monuments of nature and civilization, the products of the land, of the crafts and of the spirit and the people) and proposes high quality hotels, restaurants, cafe', clubs and other tourism companies, and best experiences per destination, to lead tourists to the unique total experience of a Shiny Traveller.

We are not only an inspiring medium, but we try to help travelers decide where to go and what to do on their next trip to Greece. With growing engagement rates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we help users to decide on destinations, experiences and companies to use. We focus on discoverers with a gender split of about 45% male and 55% female.


Our traffic originates in Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, France and more. Our users are mainly green living enthusiasts with an interest on lifestyle and hobbies and travel buffs, while our clients come mainly from the travel sector.


Kastellorizo Island  |  Photo: 63179254 © Sonyakamoz |

Shiny Greece is not just a platform; it's a vibrant tapestry that intricately weaves together the essence of Greece for a diverse audience of all ages. As a beacon for those who harbor a profound love for Greece and an insatiable curiosity for undiscovered destinations, Shiny Greece is a curator of extraordinary experiences. In our pursuit of excellence, we unveil the very soul of each destination, exposing the threads that bind nature, civilization, craftsmanship, spirit, and the people into a rich and immersive tapestry.

Picture this: a traveler, or rather, a Shiny Traveler, seeking not just a vacation but a transformative journey. We serve as the compass guiding them to destinations that transcend the ordinary, introducing them to the monuments of nature and civilization that stand as testaments to the passage of time. These destinations are not just spots on a map; they are living entities, pulsating with the heartbeat of Greece.

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In our commitment to providing unparalleled guidance, Shiny Greece meticulously presents the unique elements that define each destination. From the products of the land, crafted with care and tradition, to the skills of local artisans that breathe life into the crafts, and the intangible spirit that permeates the air, we lay bare the DNA of each locale. It's not just about visiting a place; it's about absorbing its essence, becoming a part of its narrative.

But we don't stop there. Shiny Greece is more than an inspiring medium; it's a decision-making companion for travelers. We understand that the choices one makes during a journey shape the overall experience. To aid in these decisions, we meticulously curate high-quality recommendations for hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and various other tourism entities. Our goal is to lead Shiny Travelers not just to destinations, but to the pinnacle of unique total experiences.


The digital realm is our canvas, and Shiny Greece's growing engagement rates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a testament to our success in captivating the hearts and minds of our audience. We don't just showcase picturesque landscapes; we foster a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration. Through vibrant and interactive content, we don't just tell stories; we invite our audience to become a part of them.

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Speaking of our audience, Shiny Greece has become a virtual haven for discoverers with a gender split of approximately 45% male and 55% female. Our users are not just travelers; they are green living enthusiasts, individuals who care about lifestyle and hobbies, and are fueled by a profound curiosity for the world. They don't just travel; they embark on journeys with intention, seeking authenticity in every step.

Our virtual doors are open to a global audience, with traffic streaming in from Greece, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, France, and beyond. Shiny Greece transcends borders, connecting individuals who share a common love for exploration and a desire to uncover the extraordinary.

While our users are the heartbeat of Shiny Greece, our clients are the backbone. Primarily hailing from the travel sector, our clients recognize the value of being associated with a platform that doesn't just showcase destinations but elevates them into experiences. By partnering with us, they align themselves with a community of travelers who seek not just vacations but transformative journeys, ensuring a lasting impact on their brand visibility and recognition.

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In essence, Shiny Greece is more than a digital platform; it's a storyteller, a curator, and a companion on the journey of a lifetime. As we continue to evolve and expand, our commitment remains unwavering—to inspire, guide, and connect Shiny Travelers with the unparalleled beauty and richness that Greece has to offer. So, whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time explorer, join us on this odyssey of discovery, where each destination is not just a point on the map but a vibrant chapter in the book of your adventures. Shiny Greece beckons, inviting you to explore the extraordinary and become a part of the ever-unfolding story of travel.

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