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Are you a Shiny Traveler?

Shiny travelers are the fans of a new international trend aiming at completely satisfying the supreme role of tourism, to provide unique experiences in a framework of a get-away from urban centers and a contact with landscapes and views integrated into the simplicity of nature.


Shiny travelers do not necessarily seek luxury. But they also do not fight against it. With an understanding of their financial status, they choose accommodation they can afford, but only such of high aesthetic value, because they seek unique experiences - definitely more interesting ones and of higher quality from those of their everyday life.


Shiny travelers have a total respect for the host country and its economy. In this sense, they only choose accommodation recorded in the National Tourism Organization of the country, as they are satisfied to know that the money they spent helps the country to improve and to upgrade the services provided to its citizens in need.


Shiny travelers are not simply interested in a luxury room with a unique private pool. Although this sounds to be the perfect accommodation, it is not enough for shiny travelers. Shiny travelers are highly interested in the identity of the area they visit, its history, its products, its music sounds, its dances, its customs.


Shiny travelers love the environment. They help the host country to learn to recycle. They do not carelessly spend the resources of the host country (water, electrical power, gas, natural gas). They do not throw away even a small piece of paper on the beach or in the forests. When they see something wrong, they communicate with Local Authorities to help them with the quality of their public services.


Shiny travelers teach other people the love and care for animals and the sound behavior of animal owners.


Shiny travelers respect the citizens of the host country. A lot. And they help them if they can. They contribute wherever possible. They highly respect human relations and the differentiation of people.

Shiny travelers are cool and understanding. They feel the difficulty of certain moments. They know that there is always a solution for problems and that people solve problems together.


Shiny travelers are unique. They are many and they will attract more people to their unique aesthetics that constitute a supreme philosophy and a way of life.



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