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Mykonos Town | The White, Blue and Red Labyrinth

Updated: Apr 29

Mykonos Town (also called Mykonos Chora or Mykonos Hora in Greek) is a Cycladic-type village with whitewashed houses (coloured with blue or red painted doors, window frames and stair railings), narrow marble streets, blooming trees, hidden churches and numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and stores.

Mykonos Town | Shiny Greece

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Also known as Mykonos Old Town, the village is a small labyrinth, but the sea breeze always guides visitors easily to the waterfront. And there, the visitors are astonished to meet the mascots of the island, the pelicans, that wander around, very familiar with the crowd, looking for food and photos! And of course, no one can ever forget the famous Peter the Pelican, the first pelican of the island, the grief for the loss of whose is responsible for his succesors. Mykonos Downtown is generally quiet during the day (all visitors are at the beaches and day parties, or wander the island). In the afternoon, this is a different world... Tourists invade to experience the romantic sunset from the windmills and Little Venice. And the fun with Mykonos Town nightlife starts...

Mykonos Town  |  Shiny Greece

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Visiting Mykonos Town Greece means at least visiting the famous Matoyanni street with the luxury brand stores and the stylish restaurants and bars, the Little Venice, the Windmills, the Panagia Paraportiani church, the Archaeological Museum, the Aegean Maritime Museum, the Folklore Museum, the castle, the Town Hall and the Kazarma house where the soldiers of Manto Mavrogenous rested before their furious fights with the Ottoman invaders.

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