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Milos Beaches | The Hidden Treasures of a Natural Volcanic Aegean Palette

Updated: May 10


George P. Papadellis | SG Head

Sophia Parastatidou | SG Team

Have you ever heard of the island of colours? This is Milos! And it is undoubtedly a natural volcanic palette! Milos has been voted as the top beach island of Greece and one of Europe’s top ten islands! Even though it is often compared to its giant neighbour islands, Mykonos and Santorini, its uniqueness keeps it always in visitors’ hearts. The topic of this article is the best beaches in Milos, and below you will see everything you need to know about them! An important tip before we start is always to check for the wind direction before you plan each day, as it would be more enjoyable to avoid windy times when exploring the following hidden treasures!

Sarakiniko Milos Beach Greece

First and foremost is the Sarakiniko Milos beach Greece, the best beach landscape of the island. This beach is unique, as it is a moonlike landscape combined with seawater. If you go early, no one will probably be there, and you will feel like you have just landed on the moon, although with some water there! The magical deep blue colours of the sea, combined with the white of the naturally formed cliffs and caves, make it really worth visiting! Cliff jumping and underwater exploration are everyday activities, but don’t forget to bring your own equipment. It is crucial to mention that if you visit the beach later during the day, the colours and the vibes of Sarakiniko will be completely different. The place will be more crowded, the colours of the cliffs and the waters will be warmer, and the vibes won’t be so moonlike as in the earlier times of the day. Well, it is a must to see both phases of the day, as each has its beauty. Bring your snacks, a lot of water, and everything you will probably need during the day, as the place is natural and (thank you so much Milos for this!) not organized! Most important, there are no spots with shadow, so something to cover your body and a strong sunscreen are definitely necessary!

Sarakiniko Beach Milos

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Kleftiko Milos Beach Greece

Kleftiko Milos beach Greece is always on the top of every website or blog that refers to the island. This happens for a reason. This place represents the Greek beauty of all summer destinations and also of the incredible rocky landscapes of beaches Milos. The white cliffs and the colourful natural rock formations surrounding the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea are enormously stunning. And the fact that it has also caves and tunnels to explore makes this place super fun! So, if you are up to visiting the island’s south side, don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of Kleftiko beach. It is easy to get there by boat and combine it with a little tour to close nice spots, such as Sykia Cave. This kind of boat tours always include the price of food and beverages as they last for hours, most of the time for a whole day! Remember that you need a good camera because it is a photogenic place, as the entire trip to get there. Of course, the best time to visit Kleftiko is between June and September (the summer season). But if you want to go earlier in May or a bit later in October, you will find boats that still do the trip. Last recommendation, if you are an adventurer or you prefer to chill out, mind to avoid August because it’s crowdy and you won’t enjoy the beauty of the landscape that much!

Kleftiko Beach Milos

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Firiplaka Milos Beach Greece

Firiplaka beach, situated in the south side of the island, is considered by many as the best beach in Milos. It is only 20 minutes’ drive from the main town of the island, Adamantas, and it is easy to get there by car or scooter for more fun. Make sure you have your international car license and personal ID to avoid getting in trouble! Its crystal-clear blue waters make it perfect for sea diving explorations. So, mind to have with you your travel-sized snorkel set and a good waterproof camera for underwater photography! The temperature of the water is ideal during the whole summer, and the cliffs around the sea make everything more fun undoubtedly! We recommend bringing your umbrella and supplies, as the few umbrellas are being occupied very quickly, and there are not many shade spots around. Of course, to avoid all this trouble, you can visit it early in the morning if you are a morning person or late for a night swim to see the sunset. Last but not least, Firiplaka offers camping facilities for those seeking alternative vacations.

Firiplaka Beach Milos

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Tsigrado Milos Greece Beach

Tsigrado Milos Greece Beach is one more terrific option! First of all, it would make it easier to wear sneakers and not sandals if you want to visit this beach, which is controversial, as it is beautiful and peaceful but also dangerous and difficult to reach. Don’t be disappointed, though! You can rent a boat and go to Tsigrado straight from the sea at your own pace and avoid the trouble of the difficult path. There you can find a small chill spot, unorganized, with pure, wild, natural wealth. Another crucial benefit of Tsigrado is that it is the best option for a windy day. The wind does not affect Tsigrado as much as other Milos beaches like Sarakiniko. Also, remember that there is no internet connection or signal there in general, so brace yourself for a disconnected, peaceful experience out of the digital world. On the other hand, if you want to take a picture, do it before you go down to the beach, at the top of the cliffs, as the landscape is photogenic at this point. The only bad thing about this Milos Greece beach is that sometimes, when it is windy, the waters are full of seaweed coming out from the depths of the Aegean. Lastly, if you get hungry, you can go to Firiplaka (only 15 minutes away on foot). Try out its traditional restaurant, and swim there too! Other beaches Milos to visit on the same day are Provatas and Agios Sostis, which are close to each other and unique. And let’s sum up about the things that you must bring with you so as not to miss anything of the whole experience: a proper backpack and sneakers (being “handsfree” and having stable shoes for climbing is mandatory), a waterproof camera (for underwater exploration), a lot of water and snacks (if you go there from early in the morning), sunscreen, and of course snorkelling equipment!

Tsigrado Beach Milos

Tsigrado Beach Milos | Photo: dronepicr, Tsigrado Beach on Milos Island, Greece, CC BY 2.0

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Plathiena Milos Greece Beach

Plathiena Milos Greece beach is one more dreamy spot in Milos! It is located on the island’s northern side, and its vibe is highly unique. The beach is entirely secluded and unorganized, so bring your booze. Plathiena is famous for the several colour shades of seawater that create an artistic and exceptional view. This view is also gorgeous from Plaka village, but it’s not enough to see it from a distance, which is why you should go there! The waters are generally deep, and because of the sand, sometimes they get a bit blurry! Choose the right time of the day to go and avoid winds that could cause sea fumes!

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Paleochori Milos Beach

Paleochori Milos Greece beach is the best choice to have fun! Extreme sports and several facilities are available to all ages and preferences! The waters are so clear and clean that you can’t escape from going inside and staying there for hours! It is truly unbelievable how something so natural can also be so perfect! It looks like a pool when it has no wind! Another good part is that it has several coffee shops and taverns, so you don’t have to carry anything with you! Just get there and go with the flow! It has so much fun that its rocks create a colourful palette, as they are red and yellow! The waters of Paleochori are deep, too, and people who don’t know how to swim or children should be careful!

Paleochori Beach Milos

Paleochori Beach Milos | Photo: dronepicr, Aerial view of Paralia Paleochori on Milos Island, Greece, CC BY 2.0

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Paliorema Milos Greece Beach

Last but not least, Paliorema Milos Greece beach (or Thiorichio) is not the typical beach one has in mind, because the abаndoned mine named Thiоriсhia has been located there. Old mining wаgоns and tοols surround the whole coast, providing a weird vibe and aesthetic, and, at the same time, it has everything that could potentially remind of a typical Milos beach, such as bars and facilities. Waters of Paliorema are dеep, and this is why the beach was chosen in the past as a port for the mine, where ships could load stuff. Even though the whole concept is unique and extraordinary, if you seek an ordinary Milos beach to enjoy during your summer vacations, this one is not the most suitable. So, we mainly recommend it to alternative and exploratory travellers. However, Paliorema is always crowded, because of people who go there to see the strange landscape. You can quickly reach the place by car from Zеphyria villаge, which is approximately 7-8 km away, and then walk about 500 meters to reach the coast.

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Apr 10
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Plathiena is not a very big beach. It has few sunbeds and there are some trees for shade. There is also a canteen with tables, showers and toilets. The sea is blue-green and clean.


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