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Kournas Natural Lake | Chania Crete

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Lake Kourna (or Lake Kournas or Koresia Lake) is the only fresh-water lake in Crete, situated at the borders of Chania and Rethymno. The lake is at the foot of the White Mountains, overlooked by Kournas village that lies on the above hill and close to the Venetian architecture village Dimitrouliana Metochi.

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The ecosystem of the lake, throughout the previous years, has turned the lake into a major tourist attraction, resulting also to an improvement of the surrounding built environment, as most owners of cottages renovated their houses to fir with the view.

During the tourist season, the visitors can find lots of taverns and restaurants, and can rent pedalos, canoes and sunbeds for fun. This period is also when the perimeter of the lake can be walked. This is not possible during the rain seasons.

One top thing to do in the lake is to stand barefoot in the water on the sandy beach and let the lake’s tiny fish nibble the dead skin from your feet.

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