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Patsos Lake | Rethymno Crete | After the Gorge

Updated: Mar 31

Patsos is the artificial lake that has been formed by Potami Dam at the end of Patsos Gorge, hosting a variety of ecosystems.

Patsos Gorge Crete

Photo by: iStock.com | Gatsi

It is located at end of the Patsos Gorge, seen after walking under the final cement bridge. The water comes from the gorge. The name of the lake comes from the homonym village Patsos, located near the foot of the hill of Soros at an altitude of 490 meters, and is 30 km south of Rethymno. Nearby villages are Karines, Spilia and Gerakari. The water is of very good quality and runs all over the year.

How to get there

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