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Zaros Artificial Lake | Heraklion Crete | Salmons and Trouts

Updated: Mar 31

The artificial lake of Zaros (or else Votomos, means a place with a lot of water in Greek) is situated on the south slopes of Mountain Psiloritis.

Zaros Lake Crete

Photo by: iStock.com | Gatsi

The water comes from the overflow Amati springs, at an altitude of 400 meters, it supplies the rivers and streams of the area and it ends up at the Dam of Phaneromeni (created in 1987 by the Forest Service to store this AA-quality - in terms of physical, chemical, stability and microbiological terms - water). Before the dam, the area was a small wetland, in the crater of the springs.

The lake, located 1 Km north of Zaros village and 45 Km south-west of Heraklion city, is the gate of the natural path leading to the wood of Rouvas through the gorge of Rouvas.

The shores host cafes to relax, restaurants to taste salmon and trout (bred near the lake), picnic permanent equipment and a playground for children.

How to get there

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