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Polyfytos Lake | Kozani Highlands | Monster Catfish Breed

Updated: Apr 10

This artificial lake was born in 1974, after the construction of the dam of Polyfyto which was flooded with the water of Aliakmonas River (drainage of Kastoria Lake). The lake covers 74 square meters. The area is a magnificent place for fishing, bird watching, rowing, trekking and more.

Lake Polyfytos Bridge

Photo by: Wikiphysicsgr at English Wikipedia, Gefyra Polyfytou Servia, CC BY-SA 3.0

The lake belongs to the Hellenic Public Power Corporation and it is crossed by the High Bridge of Servia and the Small Bridge of Rymnio.

Polyfytos Lake Kozani Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | nplion

This ecosystem hosts 17 species of fish, birds with a focus on migratory species (as a winter refuge), several species of reptiles, 10 species of mammals.

In 2018, after a long struggle, local fishermen caught a colossal 85 kilograms and 2,30 meters wels catfish. Catfish live mainly in warm lakes and prefer to stay sheltered in holes of the riverbed and in sunken trees.

Experiences around the lake include the Church of St. Varadatos near the village Roditis and a monument for the deceased of the Asia Minor 1922 disaster.

How to get there

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