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Panagiotis G. Papadellis | Captivating Echoes of a Soulful Tapestry from Anemotia Lesvos

Updated: Jan 31


Athina Liakopoulou | SG Team

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Panagiotis G. Papadellis hails from the picturesque mountain village of Anemotia in Lesvos island. He started a poetic journey at the young age of fourteen when he wrote his first poem, and since then, he has been gradually captivating readers with his eloquent verses. This article delves into the life and creative works of Panagiotis G. Papadellis, showcasing his contributions to literature and his community.

Panagiotis Papadellis  |  Shiny Greece

Panagiotis Papadellis | Photo by: | Athina Liakopoulou

A Poetic Soul

Since 2001, Panagiotis Papadellis contributes to the world of poetry with his compositions. Over the years, he has written numerous poems and lyrics, each capturing the essence of human emotions and experiences. Papadellis's poetry has been published in periodicals and newspapers across Greece and Cyprus, including Magnesia, Ilia of Athens, Thessaloniki, Limassol, Skopelos, and Palmos of Anemotia. His first collection of poems, presented in Volos in May 2018, marked the beginning of a prolific literary journey.

Papadellis Awards

Panagiotis G. Papadellis's poetic style has been acknowledged through various awards and accolades. His talent has garnered him recognition in literary competitions both in Greece and Cyprus, earning him a total of eleven awards. Among his notable achievements are the Kelaino Magazine Award in 2012 for "Our Greece", the Praise of Skopelos Municipality Kaisarios Dapontes in 2013 for "The Greece of the Blue Dream" and the 3rd Poetry Prize from "Diotima and Muses" in 2013 for "Flamed Diamond Stones".

Panagiotis Papadellis

Panagiotis Papadellis | Photo by: | Athina Liakopoulou

Diverse Endeavors

Papadellis's creativity extends beyond traditional poetry. He has collaborated with the musician Miltiadis Miltos to transform lyrical and non-literal poems into musical compositions, which can be enjoyed on YouTube. He has undertaken translation work, rendering anecdotal poems by the international poets into Greek.

Cultural Contributions

Driven by a passion for preserving history and culture, Papadellis has been chronicling significant aspects of Greek heritage. Among many, he has documented the life of a young oriental who volunteered in the National Defense of Eleftherios Venizelos at the age of 18, fought in battles, and was honored for his bravery, and has recorded the experiences of a Greek soldier during World War I, held in captivity in Gerlitz, Germany, and Zgorjelitz, Poland, alongside thousands of other Greek soldiers, shedding light on lesser-known chapters of Greek history.

Literary Projects

Papadellis's passion for literature transcends his poetic creations. He has written a collection of 50 Greek myths, presented in metered quatrain poetry, adding a unique touch to these timeless tales. Furthermore, he has undertaken the ambitious task of reimagining a significant part of the Odyssey in metered poetry, showcasing his deep appreciation for classical Greek literature. Additionally, Papadellis's blog "my anemotia lesvos" serves as valuable resource, offering historical insights into Lesvos Island and a comprehensive vocabulary guide to the local accent of Anemotia.

Panagiotis Papadellis with Giorgos Lazongas

Panagiotis Papadellis with his good friend, the famous painter, Giorgos Lazongas | Photo by: | Athina Liakopoulou

A Creative Mind

Panagiotis G. Papadellis is a multifaceted creative mind with contributions to literature and cultural preservation, who has dedicated time and talent to document historical accounts, translate renowned works, and contribute to the cultural legacy of his birthplace and beyond.


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Apr 03
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Panagiotis has spread his talent over the last 15 years. He has written beautiful poems and he does a lot of work for his village, Anemotia, which he loves.


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