The Captains' Island

Hydra Seaside View, Photo: iStock.com | f8grapher | 25.11.2017

An erotic collectible piece of land, of rare beauty, flooded with different light. Everyone would like to be a painter like the Hydriot artist Panagiotis Tetsis, to encircle this light, the nectar of Ancient Greeks’ well-being. “I live on a hill and life here goes on with the same way for hundreds of years. All day round, you hear the voices of the wandering salesmen, and some of them are quite melodic.”, said Leonard Cohen. The Canadian composer Leonard Cohen, “Lionardos of the Hydriots” as locals used to call him, loved Hydra and lived his last days among the island’s everyday people.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Here is where he composed and sang for his favorite Marianne the song “Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began”. Hydra proved to be an alternative place, which stroke cars away to offer freedom sensations, to show the values of old times to the world. The freedom that older people conquered with epic naval fights in the Aegean and other seas and lands.

The international visitors of Hydra are served by the international airport of Athens (ATH).

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