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Nikolaos Votsis | Greek War Hero

Nikolaos Votsis [1877 born in Hydra – 1931] is a famous Greek naval officer who distinguished himself during the Balkan Wars.

Photo Title: Photo of Lieutenant (later Admiral)

Nikolaos Votsis during the Balkan Wars | Photo by: in the public domain (according to Wikimedia Commons)

On the night of 31st October 1912, he led his vessel into the harbor of Thessaloniki, that time still held by the Ottomans. Inside the harbor there was only one old warship. With torpedoes, he struck and sank it rapidly. The sinking did not have much military significance, but it provided a psychological boost to the Greeks: it was the first of several naval successes in the war, and Votsis was propelled to the status of a national hero.

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