The Gastronomic Winter Tourism Destination

An idyllic place on the sides of Pindos mountain. Where entrepreneurial spirit united with national consciousness for the resurrection of the Greek people. And something different was born, something that constitutes the sign, a title of honor of this breeding settlement's people. The osmosis of entrepreneurship and patriotism of these special Greeks, structured National Beneficence with numerous foundations. Unforgettable sloppy mountains, whose every inch is tightened with traditions and intense memories, systematically cultivated the nostalgia of the childhood years (what a real hometown is).

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Here is where a culture of beauty and organization, a unique one, was developed, which was also tightened with a special production of famous and eponymous local products, worth to taste. The settlement managed to become a center of thought for modern issues. This fact is also inspired by the unique environment, in combination with the dynamic cultural environment emerging from museums and foundations of the area.

The international visitors of Metsovo are served by the airport of Ioannina (IOA) and the international airport of Thessaloniki (SKG).

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