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Aoos Springs Lake | Metsovo | The Most Mountainous Greek Large Lake

Updated: Feb 27


George Papadellis, SG Head

The artificial Aoos Lake created from 1981-1991, an important habitat, is situated 20 Km north of Metsovo, at an altitude of 1343 m (the highest in Greece where such a large lake can be found) and has been characterized as a landscape of special natural beauty.


Photo by: | palliki

Aoos Springs Lake Metsovo was created due to the dam built by the Public Electricity Company of Greece to exploit part of the water of the springs of the Aoos River for the production of electricity and for the irrigation of the agricultural crops of the Politson plateau. Aoos Lake is located between two very important National Parks, the National Park of Pindos and the National Park of Vikos - Aoos.

Aoos Lake

The habitat of the lake (Valia Kalda and Aoos Artificial Lake – GR1310002) is very important and that is why it joined the European Network "Natura 2000" as Special Protection Zone, responsible for which is the Natural Environment and Climate Change Authority (NECCA), and specifically the Northern Pindos National Park Management Unit, which is also responsible for the areas: Vasilitsa (GR1310001), Pindos National Park (Valia Kalda) – Wider Area (GR1310003), Orliakas and Tsurgiakas Mountains (GR1310004), Grammos Mountain Peaks (GR1320002), National Vikos – Aoos Forest (GR2130001), Peaks of Mount Smolikas (GR2130002).

Aoos Lake inside National Park of Valia Kalda

Aoos Lake inside National Park of Valia Kalda | Photo by: Philip Gavrilos, Aoou lake inside National park of Valia Kalda 2, CC BY-SA 4.0

Also: Central Section of Zagori (GR2130004), Metsovo Region (Anilio – Katara) (GR2130006), Mount Mitsikeli (GR2130008), Mount Tymfi (GR2130009), Mount Duskon, Oreokastro, Meropi Forest, Gormou Valley, Delvinaki Lake (GR2130010), Central Zagori and Eastern Section of Mount Mitsikeli (GR2130011).

Aoos Lake

The area of the lake, north of Metsovo, adjacent to Valia Kalda, is 12 square kilometers, with small islands forested with cedar and pine. The destination is ideal for trekking, riding, biking, canoe-kayak, swimming, that is why it attracts an increased number of visitors, all seasons of the year. Since 2014, fishing is also allowed.

Aoos Springs Lake

The visitor encounters rich flora such as black pine and rare species of orchid, as well as rich fauna (wolves, bears, deer, trout, carp, alpine newts). To reach the area, you must turn left after Profitis Elias, in the direction from Ioannina to Grevena.


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Apr 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Unrepeatable beauty at 1350 M. altitude near Metsovo!!!! From here you can continue with routes to the forests and villages of Eastern Zagori.


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