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Michael Tositsas | Greek Benefactor

Updated: Mar 31

Michael Tositsas [born in Metsovo in 1787] was a Greek businessman and benefactor, considered to be the father of Hellenism in Egypt. After taking over his father's small fur industry in 1806, he developed a commercial spirit and he put his brothers and sister also in the business sending them to Egypt and establishing branches in Alexandria, Livorno and Malta.

Michael Tositsas | Woodblock by: Marinos Bretos (1828 - 1871), Magazine Ethnikon Imerologion Bretou, Volume 5, No1 (1865) (in the public domain)

In 1820 he settled in Alexandria and Sub-King Mehmet Ali assigned him the direction of all his fortune, the first state bank and the rivership company of the Nile. He became the first ambassador of Greece in Alexandria. In his will, he left significant amounts for the poor and for the support to hospitals, churches and schools. He made a very large philanthropic work, including to the University of Athens, the Arsakion School and the National Technical University of Athens.

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