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Eugenios Eugenidis | Greek Benefactor

Updated: Apr 9

Eugenios Eugenidis [born in 1882 in Didymoticho] was a famous Greek shipping entrepreneur of the 20th century.

Photo title: Eugenios Eugenidis (1882-1954)

Photo by: multiple, EugenFound-003, CC BY-SA 1.0

In 1904, 24 years old, he became the general manager of the commercial shipping agency Reppen. Soon he became a partner of the agency and he created his own shipyard in Golden Horn bay. In 1923, after the Asia Minor disaster, he moved to Greece where he established the Scandinavian Near East Agency. In 1954 he died as a famous businessman and great benefactor. In his will, he requested the establishment of a foundation that would contribute to the scientific and technological education of young people in Greece. This led to the establishment of the Eugenidis Foundation in 1956 in Athens, still one of the most prestigious foundations in Greece.


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