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The Island of Melodies


George Papadellis | SG Head

Eleni Plataniti | SG Team

Panagiotis Papadellis | SG Team

Corfu  |  Shiny Greece

Corfu Town Skyline | Photo by:, Poike | 24.11.2017

Once you make a step in Corfu, one of the unique places of Greece, you feel that you arrived in an exotic place. You feel that time stops and turns back to the era of Dukes and Cantadors. It is Corfu of the 400 years of Venetian Empire, which shaped a western-type great architecture and a music based on polyphonic melody. It is the island of ancient Phaeacians of Odyssey. It is the shelter of the queen of Austria Elisabeth (known as Sissy), who, charmed from the beauty of Corfu, receded to the island in 1890, constructed her own mansion (the gorgeous Achillion) in an area of unparalleled beauty and lived there for 8 years until her murder. The island lets visitors surrender in its history through palaces, museums, the temple of Artemida Gorgou, galleries, mansions, fortresses, churches, monasteries, chapels and islets. The visitor of Corfu will meet a lot of green, beautiful plains, astonishing sand beaches, steep and interesting rock formations, small picturesque ports, touristic resorts and magnificent villages with delicious local products like madolato coming from Venetian times and ginger-beer coming from the English domination that ended in 1864.

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Corfu Map

Corfu (or Kerkyra) is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea and one of the largest islands of Greece. With its small surrounding islands (Erikoussa, Mathraki, Othoni), it forms the northwestern frontier line of Greece. The island's surface is 590 Km2. The principal city is named also Corfu and has a population of 32.095. The island's history is filled with battles and conquests, considering that ancient Kerkyra was one of the three top naval powers of the 5th century in Greece and also that it participated in one of the largest naval battles of all times in Greece, the battle of Syvota. The Paleopolis hosts ruins of ancient Greek temples and other archaeological sites of the ancient city of Corfu. The island anticipated invasions of pirates and of the Ottomans in the Middle Ages, proof of which are the several medieval castles of the island (two of which embrace today's capital city - a unique city like this in Greece).

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From medieval times to the 17th century, the island became one of the most fortified places in Europe. The fortifications were used by the Venetians to repulse the Ottoman intrusion. Then Corfu fell under British rule and was eventually given to Greece by the British Empire together with the remaining Ionian islands. The final unification with Greece ended in 1864 with the Treaty of London. Corfu is the birthplace of the Ionian Academy, the first university of Greece, and also of the first Greek theater, the New Theater of San Giacomo of Corfu. In 2007, the old town of Corfu was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, a fact that made Corfu on of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Corfu  |  Shiny Greece

Corfu Old Fort | Photo by: AretialCorfu Old Fort, cropped by Shiny Greece, CC BY-SA 4.0

The island is divided in three main districts. The mountainous (north), the low mountainous (central) and the flat (south). The climate of Kerkyra is Mediterranean with hot summer. Considering the domination of the Venetians, the architecture of the Old Town has Venetian influence. Same style Venetian period buildings are: the Liston (the multi-level commercial and residential building), the Spianada, the Old Fort, the New Fort, the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, the Mon Repo Palace. Corfu has an old tradition in music, theater and opera, and also in hospitality to foreigners.

Our Hotel Proposals

Bella Mare

Bella Mare is a 4 stars family-friendly hotel, an oasis for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic holiday experience and the ideal destination for unforgettable relaxing holidays. The hotel offers peaceful and comfortable accommodation at its unique rooms and suites, a large pool with beautiful views, a children`s pool and several opportunities for activities.

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Corfu Imperial

Corfu Imperial is a 5 stars hotel located on a private peninsula, which combines lavish gardens with the light blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The combination of excellent service and unique location takes the art of luxury holidays to new heights, taking also into account the extensive selection of types of accommodation – from main building rooms, bungalows and suites to Royal Pavilions.

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Corfu Palace

Corfu Palace is a 5 stars luxury landmark hotel of Corfu island, offering superior accommodation in an environment of romance and finesse. The facilities of the hotel are a swimming pool with sea water in a floral and impressive garden, a spa & wellness center, a beauty salon, restaurants, a bar, a snack bar at the pool, a lounge and a casino.

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Corfu Palma Boutique

Corfu Palma is an ideal boutique hotel for singles, couples, families and groups who demand high quality holidays in a luxury atmosphere of leisure and pleasure. Among gardens with blooming flowers and trees, the guests can find the swimming pool and the outdoor jacuzzi, the fully equipped fitness center, a modern spa with specialized services and a large variety of massage therapies.

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Delfino Blue Boutique

Delfino Blue Boutique is a wonderful shelter of serenity and relaxation, incorporating the concept of luxury focusing on all aspects of a wellness destination. The Health Spa & Wellness offers hydrotherapy, breather, relaxation, massage and beauty treatments, while its restaurants offering their guests a special opportunity to taste new types of Mediterranean dishes.

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Grecotel Eva Palace

Grecotel Eva Palace is a luxury 5 stars Eden where time melts and every moment becomes a precious memory. The hotel offers a great choice of guestrooms, suites and villas, an imaginative cuisine and sweeping views over the Ionian Sea, as well as an abundance of choices for leisure, including a new diving center, watersports, tennis, mountain biking, golf, horse riding.

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Kontokali Bay Res. & Spa

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel offering discreet luxury and majestic views to gardens and sea, forming an ideal location for real relaxation, choosing among main building rooms, bungalows and suites. The hotel offers a wealth of options for recreation and entertainment, a Children Village, several different sports and pools.

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MarBella Corfu

Marbella is a 5 stars hotel offering its guests a breadth of fun and amusing activities to enjoy. The exclusive vacation packages, the fine accommodation choices, the breath-taking sea view, the various dining options, the relaxing spa therapies and treatments along with the fun sports activities and water sports adventures ensure an unforgettable holiday experience for all guests.

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Mayor Capo di Corfu

Mayor Capo di Corfu is a hotel complex of contemporary design and unique services, offering an integrated accommodation experience, for all family members, in a unique scenery of natural beauty and the most astonishing Ionian Sea view. The hotel does not offer just a great stay, but an integrated hospitality experience with brand new facilities, activities, sports and spa treatments.

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Mayor Mon Repos Palace

Mayor Mon Repos Palace is a top adults-only hotel, offering a unique hospitality experience inspired by the luxury of an old era, with its design with selected 18th century antiques from the Achillion Palace, justifying its classification as an Art Hotel. The hotel offers rooms, suites, executive suites and presidential suites, all of substantial luxury.

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Mayor Pelekas Monastery

Mayor Pelekas Monastery is a 5 stars hotel offering luxurious comfort, top services and exclusive facilities that form a complete hospitality experience for all family members. The exclusive services of the resort as well as a whole world of activities and experiences await to be discovered and make a stay unforgettable.

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Palms and Spas

Palms and Spas is a top hotel, ideal for short or long holidaying and relaxation, offering suites and villas of affordable luxury and precious privacy, that feature a jacuzzi/hot-tub and/or a private swimming pool. The guests benefit from a number of luxurious services and amenities depending on the accommodation type of preference, such as massage and spa treatments at their room's privacy.

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