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Korission Lagoon | Corfu

Updated: Apr 8

Korission Lagoon is a NATURA 2000 protected lake in the south west coast of the island of Corfu.

Korission Lagoon | Corfu | Best Experiences in Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | MikeLaptev

Corfu has three lakes, but Korission is the largest with an area of 6000 acres. The area is gorgeous but also very wild. In its one side it has sand covered dunes, and in the other side it has soft sands of the sea. Along its shores there is an ancient cedar forest. The visitor can also find many species of sand orchids and sand lilies. It is an important station for migrating birds on their journey from Africa to Europe, over 2000 birds, such as flamingos, swans, falcons.

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