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The Medieval Rock


George Papadellis | SG Head

Panagiotis Papadellis | SG Team

Monemvasia  |  Shiny Greece

The Monemvasia Rock  |  Photo by:, milangonda  |  26.11.2017

Monemvasia (or Monovasia for the locals) means “unique entrance”, as it constituted an islet in 375 A.C. when it was cut from the menace of an earthquake from the rest of the Peloponnese. Since then, Monemvasia has only one entrance (moni emvasis). Entering was, initially, taking place with the use of a first-of-this-kind movable bridge. Monemvasia was a "flower" imminently vindicated by sea cruisers from the Ottoman conquerors due to its dominant geopolitical position in the Mediterranean. Francs, Crusaders and other conquerors named it the “Gibraltar of the East”. The Venetians named it “Napoli di Malvasia” (Neapolis).

Monemvasia Map
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Entering the walled castle-town, you feel being wrapped by a diffusible romance of the Middle Ages. You feel being wrapped by history with its Venetian, Byzantine, Franc, Turk and Arabic remainings, many having been saved to excite the imagination of the visitors. The East, the West and the Byzantium, together in a place as small as a handful. «My Lady Monemvasia, my stony ship. Thousands are your jibs and your sails. And you always stay still to sail me in the world.”, wrote the great Monemvasian poet and holder of the Lenin prize for peace Giannis Ritsos. Monemvasia's international visitors are served by the airport of Kalamata (KLX) and the international airport of Athens (ATH).

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The basic journey through Monemvasia begins with entering the main gate of the Lower Town. On the left side, there stands the birth-house of the famous Greek poet Giannis Ritsos. After a walk on the first narrow traditional street with shops, the visitor reaches the main square, where the Church of Christos Elkomenos and the Monemvasia Archaeological Collection are located. From the central square, a cobbled narrow street leads to the Upper Town, from which the view to the old town is stunning.

Monemvasia  |  Shiny Greece

The Monemvasia Market in its Narrow Streets  |  Photo by: | milangonda  |  26.11.2017

Our Hotel Proposals

Byzantino Boutique

The Byzantino Boutique Hotel is located inside the castle of Monemvasia, giving the opportunity to experience an unforgettable escape from the daily routine. The hotel consists of independent buildings with traditional rooms and apartments, fully renovated in the interior, with special regard and respect of their historical and architectural identity.

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Kalderimi Thea

Kalderimi Thea Guesthouse is a small complex of two separate buildings with three double bedrooms, restored and refurbished with the sole aim of providing a pleasant experience to guests, located in the historic Byzantine castle city of Monemvasia. The Guest House offers a pleasant and relaxing stay with minimal aesthetics and utmost respect to traditional architecture.

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Malvasia Traditional

Malvasia Traditional Hotel is a traditional hotel located three hundred meters from the Monemvasia castle's gate. It is an imposing complex of stone buildings, created by joining together seven independent houses with great respect to the unique architectural styles of the castle. The hotel offers 14 rooms, each decorated differently with antique furniture and rugs, most offering beautiful sea views.

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Moni Emvasis

The Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites is located in the heart of the Byzantine castle citadel of Monemvasia, inviting travelers to experience a truly magical stay. The hotel offers three high luxury suites with similar services, together with a cuisine based on local Monemvasian & Greek tradition which has been masterfully recreated to meet contemporary plates.

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