Sirako Kalarites

The Stone Villages of Silversmiths

Syrrako Village, Photo by: | Konstantinos_K

Hanging one opposite the other and waking up with the imposing Tzoumerka since the 14th century, Syrrako and Kalarites, day by day, abandon abandonment. The river Chrousias that flows between the villages, was the one that, in 1881, brought freedom to Kalarites and kept Syrrako to slavery for forty more years. Today, a beautiful stone trail links the two villages as if nothing ever divided them. Here is where Vlahika was born, this mixture of Greek, Latin and Slavic dialects, which started after Greece was conquered by the Romans.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Here is where silversmithing got perfected from the Kalaritins, with best proof of this dynamic manufacture being the Bulgari family of the international brand "Bvlgari". It is where mountainous tourism in traditional settlements is being dynamically developed today, which also led to the development of the restoration and the conversion of old ruined gorgeous mansions into touristic infrastructure, ending up with the total magic of the architectural heritage of Epirus within a seductive natural environment.

The area's visitors are served from the airport of Ioannina (IOA) and the international airport of Thessaloniki (SKG).

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