The Island of Honey & Olive Oil

Cherry Bay, Thasos - Photo by: | BarrySheene | 27.11.2017

Thassos is a small gifted island that lives and evolves for thousands of years in the north edge of Greece. The physiognomy of Thassos is mainly determined from its mountains with the endless pine-forests, from its pine-flowers (also from the flowers of heather and wicker) producing famous honey varieties, from its olive groves that produce famous olive products with the homonym brand, from its chestnut trees, pine trees, oak trees, cedar trees, from the freely grown goats and sheep coming from older bucolic times, from its mineral wealth, gold, silver, iron, marble and oil that Thassians exploit gradually since the ancient times.

Panagiotis | Shiny Greece

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Thassos has divine coasts, wild steep rocks that talk with the gulls, the predators. and the wild-pigeons during the lonely winter days, and routes uniting its inner traditional villages through interesting sights. The culture works of the ancient and modern Thassians all over the island, attract visitors. Younger Thasians are authentic islanders, who have not been alienated by tourism, hospital and affable, enjoying and feasting life with their smile, touching the hearts of innumerable visitors who leave the island full of optimism and unique pictures.

The island's visitors are served from the international airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) and the airport of Kavala (KVA).

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