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Giola Natural Pool | Thassos | A Different Spa on the Rocks

Updated: Apr 7

Giola is a natural pool inside the rocks in the area of Astris, Thassos, which needs a short walking distance to reach.

Giola Natural Pool Thassos Island Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | sjhaytov

The rocks reach 8m height. Many swimmers use the rocks to dive into the lake. To reach Giola, you must drive from Poto to Astris. After passing hotel Area, there is a road sign showing the direction "to Sirens". Drive through this tough road until you find a beach. Cars and bikes cannot go further. Walk on the left road (ascending) and continue until a shore (descending). Then there are several signs to Giola natural pool.

How to get there | Go to Thassos Page


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