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Xanthi Highlands

The Land of Myths & Legends


George Papadellis | SG Head

Panagiotis Papadellis | SG Team

Xanthi  |  Shiny Greece

Nestos River  |  Photo by: Katerina Dominou, K.Dominou-Nestos river 3, CC BY-SA 4.0  |  18.06.2018

When you want to talk about the beauties of a place, think of where you left your mind unable to escape from the magic that dropped into your soul. Such a mind-washing paradise is Xanthi Highlands. The area of Thracian myths, and legends. The residence of the warlike god Aris and his son Diomedes, with his cannibal horses. The area of the 8th achievement of Hercules, according to the great philosopher of ancient times, Demokritos, from ancient Abdera of the same area. This paradise starts from the unique beauty valley of river Nestos, at the train stations of the picturesque town Stavroupoli. The trip continues to the train stations of Kato Livera and Kromniko, which can be accessed by car only through the stone trails of the Ottoman Soultan Abdoul Aziz. Here is the area’s heart. A feast of colors of 1700 approximately species of flora and fauna, at the eyes of walkers or canoe – kayak teams. The glowing water is the natural mirror of the multi-colored rocks and trees of adjacent forests reaching the edges of cliffs, ready to dive inside them. A continuous meandric river system, with a length of 22 Km, which freezes sometimes in the winter and invites the few brave ones who are really satisfied with their choice.

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The waterfall of Trahonio is enchanting, mostly known as Livaditis Waterfall, 60 m. high, highest in the Balkans. According with the mythology, here is where fairies used to wash their hair. In the surrounding caves, the fairies weaved in stone looms their fairy-threads. In the thick forests around the waterfall, the Satyrs of Dionysos were dancing and the sweet songs of Orpheus were heard. Magnificent scenes are offered also by the Chaintou mountain and forest. Nominated as a preserved monument of nature, it has natural outdoors accommodation conditions (Forest Village) and trekking trails that provide the visitor with images bringing metaphysical thoughts. The area's visitors are served by the airport of Alexandroupoli (AXD) and the international airport of Thessaloniki (SKG).

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Nemesis Hotel

The Nemesis Hotel is a block of 8 stone castles offering a Medieval scenery. The rooms are decorated with earth colors, combining remarkably the natural stones of the region with traditional wooden furniture. The guests can visit the small theme park (zoo), where numerous animals both of the domestic-greek and international fauna live, such as ostriches, peacocks, ponies, white deer and roes.

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To Archontiko G/H

The Archontiko guesthouse is a stone built mansion close to Stavroupolis, offering quiet vacations in the nature. The guesthouse has three bedrooms with traditional furniture and jacuzzi, two living rooms with fireplace and a stone-build courtyard filled with firs, walnut and lime trees as well as other varieties of the local flora, place to enjoy breakfast in tranquility, with splendid view of river Nestos.

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