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Chaintou Mountain | Xanthi Highlands | Searching the 30m High Oaks

Updated: Jun 23

Haidou (or else Erymanthos) is a mountain with a maximum altitude of 1.828 m, close to the Greek-Bulgarian borders (northern Greece). Chaidou is a part of the Koula mountain range, and its main peaks are: Gyftokastro (1.828 m.), Dihala (1.745 m.), Tsouknidotopos (1.709 m.), Malia (1.699 m.), Drymos (1.608 m.), Koula (1.606 m.), Thermo (1.600 m.), Mavri Petra (1.586 m.), Megali Kroussa (1.581 m.) and Erymanthos (1.569 m.).

Haidou  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: iStock.com | verve231

The area includes the Haidou forest whose oaks are over 100 years old and over 30 m. high, the Tsihla forest (tsihla means chewing gum) which has been nominated as a "Monument of Nature" and the Forest Village of Erymanthos. The Forest Village is in the center of Haidou forest, which has a rich fauna and flora. Apart from the tall oaks, the forest has also firs, pines, the lilly of Rhodope and more, and as far as fauna is concerned there are bears, wolves, deer, the black tsihla bird, wild boars, trouts in the rivers, and more.

Chaidou  |  Shiny Greece

Photo by: Athanasiospapatheodorou, Haidou Forest, CC BY-SA 4.0

Other points of interest on Chaidou mountain are the Great Lepida Meadow, the river Kosinthos and the Arkoudorema river which flows into Nestos river.

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