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Helmos Mountains | Kalavryta | Seven Peaks

Updated: Mar 31

Helmos (or Aroania) is a mountain range in Achaia, Peloponnese, Greece, at 2,355 m elevation.

Helmos Mountains

Photo by: iStock.com | siete_vidas

Helmos is the third highest mountain range of Peloponnese, after Taygetos and Kyllini. It has seven (7) peaks above 2.000 meters elevation, namely: Psili Koryfi (2.355 m), Neraidorachi (2.341 m), Aetorachi (2.335 m), Kokkinovrachos (2.315 m), Gardi (2.182 m), Avgo (2.138 m), Nisi (2.080 m).

The mountain is the site of the Aristarchos telescope and of the Kalavryta ski resort. Points of interest on the mountain include the Cave of the Lakes (Spileo ton Limnon), the monastery of Mega Spileo and the mountain city of Kalavryta.

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