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Thermes Hot Springs | Xanthi Highlands | Unleash your Inner Bliss at Nature's Healing Haven

Updated: Mar 6


George P. Papadellis | SG Head

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Just 42 km from the city of Xanthi, on the region's mountains, lies a hidden gem - the Thermes Hot Springs. Fed by a geothermal field that permeates the region, these hot springs offer a rejuvenating experience with their therapeutic properties. Although the area is still undergoing development for tourism, recent efforts have been made to enhance the infrastructure and create a comfortable environment for visitors. Join us as we explore the wonders of Thermes Hot Springs, where nature's healing powers are generously bestowed upon those who seek relaxation, wellness, and tranquility.

Thermes Hot Springs | Shiny Greece

Healing Hot Springs

In the picturesque valleys of Kato Thermes and Loutra Thermes, the hot spring water emerges, ranging in temperature from 18°C to 53°C. Within the specially designed baths, visitors can enjoy soaking in the rejuvenating waters, which maintain a temperature between 38°C and 53°C. These thermal springs possess remarkable properties that offer therapeutic benefits, particularly for ailments related to the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, peripheral vascular system, and even certain skin diseases. Additionally, drinking therapy utilizing the mineral-rich water is recommended for gastrointestinal and urinary tract conditions.

A Blossoming Destination

Thermes Hot Springs is a relatively unexplored touristic destination. A 25-room hostel with a capacity to accommodate up to 50 people, ensures comfortable lodging for those seeking an extended stay. The central square of Thermes houses the community hydrotherapy center, where visitors can access a range of spa treatments and services.

A Tale of Two Baths

While Thermes Hot Springs are the focal point of this region, there are two other notable bathing locations that attract a large number of visitors. The baths of Potamia in Nea Kessani, within the municipality of Abdira, and the baths in the mountainous community of Thermen, situated in the municipality of Myki, offer therapeutic properties similar to those of Thermes Hot Springs. These baths not only provide healing benefits but also serve as an alternative form of tourism, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Spring of Hot Spa in Loutra Thermes Xanthi  |  Shiny Greece

Spring of Hot Spa in Loutra Thermes Xanthi | Photo by: Ggia, 20091128 Loutra Thermes Xanthi Thrace Greece 2, CC BY-SA 3.0

Journey into Pomakochoria

The community of Thermes encompasses four enchanting Pomakian settlements: Ano Thermes, Meses Thermes, Kato Thermes, and Loutra Thermen. These settlements, nestled amidst nature along rivers and streams, offer a unique charm. The local population, engaged primarily in animal husbandry, logging, and tobacco cultivation, cultivates an exceptional variety of tobacco known as basma. Despite the scarcity of arable land, the Pomaks ingeniously utilize every inch of available space, with tobacco fields adorning the banks of tributaries and the steep mountain slopes. These rustic scenes paint a captivating picture for visitors traveling from Echinos to the settlements of Therme, where the thermal baths have opened new avenues of employment for the local residents.

Life's Tranquility

Life in Pomakochoria of Xanthi moves at a different, more serene pace. The region possesses its own unique customs, traditions, and habits, making it a distinctive cultural enclave. Legends speak of Pomaks using the natural thermal baths to heal their goats and sheep from various orthopedic issues. With over 40 thermal water sources recorded in the area, these baths now attract numerous visitors from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Thessaloniki, and even southern Balkan regions.

Relief of Mithras Kato Thermes Xanthi  |  Shiny Greece

Nature's Embrace

One of the most enchanting experiences offered by Thermes Hot Springs is bathing in the outdoor individual tubs. These captivating tubs beckon visitors throughout the year, but especially during the spring and summer months when the surrounding natural beauty is at its peak. With water temperatures ranging from 30°C to 53°C, these mineral-rich waters, low in salt content and abundant in carbon dioxide, provide therapeutic benefits for ailments related to the musculoskeletal, vascular, and nervous systems, as well as certain skin conditions.

Facilities & Harmony

At the heart of Thermes lies the central square, where the closed hydrotherapy center can be found. Additionally, guesthouses with cozy rooms for rent, some of which boast closed pools filled with thermal water for bath therapy, cater to the needs of visitors. Traditional taverns also await, offering delectable local delicacies, especially fine meats sourced from the livestock reared in the area. An interesting sight is the small Christian church that stands opposite a Muslim mosque, symbolizing the peaceful coexistence of the two religious communities in the wider Xanthi area and reminding everyone to respect the diverse cultures that have thrived here for generations.

Spring of Loutra Thermes Xanthi  |  Shiny Greece

Spring of Loutra Thermes Xanthi | Photo by: Ggia, 20091128 Loutra Thermes Xanthi Thrace Greece 3, CC BY-SA 3.0

Therapeutic Wonders

Although Thermes Hot Springs in Xanthi may not have reached the same level of development as other prominent thermal spring destinations in Greece, its unspoiled charm and nature's abundant gifts make it an unparalleled haven for relaxation and well-being. As the local government continues to invest in infrastructure and facilities, Thermes Hot Springs is poised to become a sought-after destination for those seeking the therapeutic wonders of geothermal waters, captivating landscapes, and the warm embrace of traditional hospitality. Embark on a journey to Thermes Hot Springs Xanthi and immerse yourself in a world of natural healing, tranquility, and cultural harmony.

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May 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beware of the very hot water!! About 45 km turns from Xanthi, in the middle of nature. The route, despite the turns, is wonderful!


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