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Emporio Castle | Santorini | A Medieval Masterpiece

Updated: Apr 9

The medieval castle of Emporio village in Santorini island is a 15th century architectural masterpiece that was built by the monks of the Abbey of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Patmos island.

Castle Emporio Santorini

Photo by: iStock.com | s1murg

Emporio (or also called Nimborio) is 12km from Fira at the south side of the island of Santorini, while the castle is at the northern side of the village, easily spotted from a distance.

The castle is well-preserved, with many of its parts having been restored. After entering through its gate, several narrow alleys give shape to a small labyrinth with stairways, bridges, domes and arches.

One of the castle’s special characteristics is the big towers called Goulas (from the Turkish word koules). Goulades were regarded as people’s top shelter in case of attack. The Goulas of Emporio is in the north of the Emporio village and it is connected to the castle through a tunnel.

The entrance to the castle is free for visitors.

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