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Plastiras Lake | Nature and Sports Fans Destination

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It is an artificial lake, in the area of Karditsa Thessaly, fed by Tavropos (or else Megdovas) river. The lake has taken its name from the Greek politician Nikolaos Plastiras, who was the first with the vision for the construction of the Plastiras Dam Greece.

Mountain View of Plastiras Lake - Photo by: ID 94317674 © Dinosmichail |

The lake, 25.000 acres wide, has 400 million cubic meters fresh water, and is used for irrigation, as a power source (hydroelectric), and as main water source for the city of Karditsa.

Hill View of Plastiras Lake - Photo by: | George P. Papadellis

Due to its 750 m. altitude (one of the highest in Europe) it is a popular tourist resort, a favorite mountain destination for nature lovers and fans of alternative sports and families, especially due to the quite unique formed landscape.

Picnic Installation near the Lake - Photo by: | George P. Papadellis

Plastiras Lake is surrounded by 18 beautiful hamlets, worth to visit. Neraida is a village lying at an altitude of 1.100 m within fir trees, overlooking the lake, ideal for short trips to the Alexandri fountain and to the Theotokou Temple (Genoese, 16th century). Kastania is the ideal destination for camping lovers. Neochori is the most tourist developed village, which offers panoramic views to Lake Plastiras.

View of the Plastiras Basin - Photo by: | George P. Papadellis

Kalyvia Pezoulas is the village closest to the lake, on the southwestern side, which took its name from the old constructions of reed and mud in which farmers stored their agricultural products and tools, and which hosts restaurants, cafes, taverns and companies organizing outdoor activities such as horse riding and archery.

Athletic Equipment and Activities by the Lake - Photo by: | George P. Papadellis

Plastira Lake activities are adventures with 4x4 off-road cars on dirt roads, cycling the 55 Km around the lake, hiking in beautiful forests, rowing in the lake with canoes and lake-bikes, fishing.

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