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Lake Stymphalia | Corinth | The Sixth Labor of Hercules

Updated: Mar 31

Stymphalia is a Natura 2000 reserve with a wetland area and an agrarian area, which constitutes a very important stopover for migratory birds. The lake is at an altitude of 600 metres between the mountains Kyllini and Oligyrtos, with a total surface of 3,5 square kilometers.

Lake Stymphalia

Photo by: iStock.com | ankarb

The lake is well known due to the Stymphalian birds of the Greek Mythology, the extermination of which was the sixth labor of Hercules. Hercules used the copper drums (that goddess Athena had given him) to attract the birds out of the dense plantation. When the birds were coming out, Hercules was killing them with his bow and his arrows.

Stymphalia Corinth

Photo by: www.shinygreece.com | Panagiotis Papadellis

Near the lake's shores, there are traces of the Arcadian city Stymphalos. The lake hosts the rare pelasgus stymphalicus fish, which has the natural ability to survive after the lake's drought, by entering and living inside the thick mud layer developed.

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