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Vouliagmeni Lake | Corinth | A 3000 BC Site

Updated: Mar 31

Vouliagmeni (or else Ireon) lake lies 16 Km northwest of Loutraki town, close to the archaeological site of Ireon and Perachora settlement.

Lake of Vouliagmeni

Photo by: iStock.com | photo_stella

In the ancient years, its name was Gorgopis, after Gorgi, Corinthos' wife, who drowned in the lake after been informed about the murder of her children. There have been human traces found that prove the existence of people in the area since 3.000 BC.

The lake is 2 Km long and 1 Km wide with a maximum depth of 40m, and it has a sand beach which people choose during the summer for swimming.

How to get there


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