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550 Greek Domestic Grape Varieties

Updated: Apr 29

Prof. Katerina Biniari stated in her presentation entitled "Domestic Varieties of the Greek Vineyard" that Greece has 550 Greek domestic grape varieties. She also mentions that the National Catalogue includes 250 varieties. These numbers of course include varieties of same type, name and other characteristics.

Photo by: Wix

The National Interprofessional Organization of Vine & Wine mentions that wine-producing domestic vine varieties of Greece are a treasure and they are the reason for the differentiation and uniqueness of Greek wines. Greece is one of the most multi-varietal wine producing countries and the Greek vineyard is one of the richest in the world. Greece does not depend on 4-5 varieties, but on hundreds, being part of the old wine world (Europe) but adopting also practices of the new world (America, Africa, Oceania).

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