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Tymfi Mountain | Zagori | The Vertical Caves, the Gamila Peak and the Vikos Challenge

Updated: Mar 27

Authors George P. Papadellis | SG Head with some good tips from AI

Within the breathtaking region of Zagori, part of the northern Pindos mountain chain, Tymfi Mountain stands as a testament to the country's natural wonders. Surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes and rugged terrains, Tymfi Mountain, with its soaring peaks and dramatic cliffs, offers a truly unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. This article delves into the allure of Tymfi Mountain, its unique features, and the exhilarating adventures that await those who venture to explore its wonders.

Tymfi  |  Shiny Greece

Discovering Tymfi

Tymfi Mountain finds its place in the renowned Vikos-Aoos National Park, which encompasses various natural treasures, including the famous Vikos Gorge. Located in close proximity to the cities of Ioannina and Konitsa, this mountain is surrounded by other majestic peaks of the Pindos mountain chain, such as Smolikas, the highest mountain in the region. It is also in close proximity to the Aoos River and Voidomatis River, adding to the picturesque setting that captivates visitors.

Awe-Inspiring Marvels

Tymfi Mountain boasts an impressive collection of peaks, each contributing to the grandeur of this magnificent landscape. Among the notable summits are Gamila (2,497 m), Gamila ΙΙ (2,480 m), Karteros (2,478 m), Megala Litharia (2,467 m), Gkoura (2,466 m), Astraka (2,436 m), Tsouka Rossa (2,379 m), and Ploskos (2,377 m). These towering peaks offer breathtaking panoramic views and provide a challenge for seasoned mountaineers. One of the most extraordinary features of Tymfi Mountain is the enchanting Drakolimni, a dragonlake formed by ancient glaciers, located at an elevation of 2,000 meters, near the Ploskos peak. This natural wonder is a sight to behold and adds a touch of mystique to the already captivating landscape. Additionally, numerous other lakes, formed during the winter, dot the region, although most of them dry up during the summer months.

Tymfi Mountain  |  Shiny Greece

Untamed Depths

Tymfi Mountain is known for its unique geological formations, with uplifted blocks forming a series of vertical caves. These subterranean marvels hold a special fascination for spelunkers and adventurers. Among the most famous and intriguing caves in the region are the Chasm of Epos, the Hole of Odysseus, and the Cave of Provatina. With depths ranging from 400 to 450 meters, these caves offer an exhilarating exploration opportunity for those seeking a thrilling underground experience.

Flora and Fauna

As part of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, Tymfi Mountain is a sanctuary for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Within its protected boundaries, you can find numerous unique species, both common and threatened. Chamois deer, snake eagles, golden eagles, wallcreepers, vipers, and many more call this pristine environment their home. The preservation of this ecosystem ensures the continuation of these remarkable species for generations to come.

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Climbing and Hiking

For adventure seekers, Tymfi Mountain offers a thrilling playground for climbers and hikers. With 17 climbing fields covering the majority of peaks and geological resources, the mountain presents a wide array of challenges suitable for various skill levels. Gamila, Gamila ΙΙ, Astraka, and Tsouka Rossa feature the most climbing routes, beckoning climbers to test their limits. It is important to note that some routes may not have been traversed for an extended period, potentially resulting in the absence or deterioration of pitons. Hiking enthusiasts can embark on the popular route starting from Mikro Papingo village (980 m), which leads through the O3 trail to the Astraka hut (6 km - 3 hours). From the Astraka hut, hikers can venture further to Drakolimni (2.8 km - 2 hours) or ascend to Gamila peak (6 km - 3 hours), both offering unforgettable vistas. Other more challenging routes originate from Vrysochori village, Vradeto village, Konitsa village, and Tsepelovo village, providing a range of options for exploration.

Tymfi  |  Shiny Greece

A Wonderland

Tymfi Mountain in the Zagori region of Greece is a natural wonderland that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts from around the globe. From its soaring peaks and dramatic cliffs to its captivating caves and serene lakes, Tymfi offers an array of experiences that cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. With its rich biodiversity, including rare flora and fauna, and its status as part of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, Tymfi Mountain stands as a testament to the need for preserving our natural heritage. So, gear up, lace your boots, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the untamed beauty of Tymfi Mountain Zagori.


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